3 Months Basic Islamic Studies Certificate Course

 Basic Islamic Studies Course For Girls & Boys

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Course Duration 90Day’s

Class Duration 90 Minutes Daily

Monday To Friday

Saturday Sunday Closed

Classes Schedule

Tajweed Practice From Surah Zuha To Surah Naas With Noorani Qayda Hardoi Friday To Friday

 Basic Islamic Studies Course For Girls & Boys

More About India Islamic Academy Deoband-IIAD

Basic Islamic Studies Course For Beginnners Girls & Boys

Are you looking to expand your knowledge of Islam and deepen your understanding of its teachings?

Look no further than Basic Islamic Studies course with certificate! This course offer numerous benefits that can enrich both your personal and professional life.

This course provide a flexible and convenient learning experience.With online classes, you have the freedom to study at your own pace from anywhere in the world. Whether you’re a busy working professional or a stay-at-home parent,

you can fit these courses into your schedule without any hassle.

Taking  online Islamic course allows you to acquire and refresh your knowledge. From Quranic studies to Hadiths and Islamic history, this course cover various subjects that cater to different interests and levels of expertise.

 You’ll gain valuable insights into the principles and practices of Islam while strengthening your faith.

Completing an online Islamic course with a certificate enhances career opportunities.

 The certificate serves as proof of your dedication and commitment to learning about Islam.

It can be beneficial for those seeking employment in religious organizations or even for individuals who want to educate others about Islam through teaching or public speaking engagements.

In conclusion, enrolling in online Islamic courses with certificates offers immense advantages such as flexibility in learning, acquiring knowledge on various aspects of Islam, and enhancing career prospects. So why wait? Start enlightening yourself today by joining one of these exceptional programs!

India Islamic Academy Deoband has designed a 3  month course which helps them to understand the basic theme of Islam in a very short time for the modern educated class and young brothers and sisters,this course is called Basic Islamic studies course

IIAD excels in providing amazing and well-structured online Islamic classes to cover a wide range of topics. Our Islamic courses are designed in a way to suits the requirements of our students. We have chosen some very famous books as part of our curriculum that intend to teach all about Islam

Learn Islam online from our qualified native Arabic tutors who will teach you from the basics to the advanced topics. You will learn the Quran, Hadith, History, Fiqh, Seerah, Aqeedah, and much more. All these topics are skillfully arranged according to the level of the learners.


About Our Online Basic Islamic Studies Course

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Our Islamic Classes are open for kids and adults of all ages.

We have a facility for both male and female tutors.

These online Islamic classes are well-structured and we offer different schedules that suit all the Muslims out there.

Get certified at the end of the course after completing the credit hours.

These classes are interactive and student-centered.

All the topics are backed up with activities, audio aids, and other educational resources.

Aged people can enroll in our Islamic courses for adults to learn and understand Islam.

The curriculum of our Basic Islamic classes for Students&Beginners is designed to provide deep-rooted knowledge to Students living in non-Muslim countries.

Our experts have made sure to cover all the aspects of Islam.

Tafseer E Quran E Kareem

In our Quran classes, Students will learn Tafseer of different surahs depending on the age groups.They will memorize some Surahs with Tajweed too. Next, they will also learn important supplications.

Hadith Shareef

In this portion, the toddlers will learn authentic sayings of Prophet Muhammad SAWW, His Seerah, and the Sunnahs to follow.

Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence)

Students will learn in detail about everyday matters in the fiqh classes.Our teachers make sure to explain everything with activities.


An extensive syllabus that intended to bond articles of confidence. For example, faith in Allah (God) and Tawhid (monotheism), belief in the heavenly attendants, confidence in the blessed book and prophets. Moreover,  confidence in the Resurrection and confidence in destiny.

Prophetic Biography (Seerah)

This course is a study of the Prophetic biography as recorded by one of the earliest scholars in the field, Ibn Hisham. Students will learn about the environment of Arabia prior to his birth, his early life, the announcement of the message, life in Mecca, migration, and life in Madina (peace and blessings upon him and his family


Character building and shaping will go hand in hand in our Islamic studies classes. We aim to work on Islamic manners and etiquette.


To learn Tafseer of Surahs through multimedia and mind mapping.

To learn Du’aa and follow Sunnahs out of the love for Islam.

To understand value-integrated Seerah and shape personalities.

To learn and develop a love for Prophets.

To learn to follow the footsteps of Prophet Muhammad SAWW through His hadiths.

To understand explanations of topics with reasoning through fiqh.

To learn Islam etiquette toward parents, relatives, siblings, and the whole society.

Students’ value-integrated learning will shape their personalities after attending our Islamic lessons for kindergarten.

Online and Offline
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Course Schedule

Tafseer E Quran

Surah Zuha To Surah Naas

Translation & Tafseer


Maariful Quran, Tauzeeh Ul Quran
Aasan Tarjama E Quran ETC


Friday To Sunday
30 Minutes Only

Hadees Shareef


Arbaeen Nawaw
(The 40 Hadith)


Monday To Wednesday
20 Minutes Only

Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence)


Behashti Samar


Wednesday, Thursday
30 Minutes Only

Prophetic Biography


Seerat Khatimul Anbiya


Wednesday, Thursday
20 Minutes Only


More than 50 batches of this 3-month course have been completed so far, thousands of men and women, college students and job holders and professionals have learned Islam through this course and revolutionized their lives, India Islamic Academy Deoband invites you to enroll in this course and revive your Islamic insight and strengthen your relationship with Allah Kareem and His Messenger Prophet Mohammed S.

So let’s welcome you, start a new Islamic journey with IIAD and revolutionize your life

Aqaaid Ul Islam


What Is Islam

Maulana Manzoor Nomani


Time: Monday To Thursday
30 Minutes Only



15 Minutes Only

Course Features

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Basic Islamic Studies

100 Hours Online Zoom Sessions

Duration: 3-Months

Digital Certificate

Fresh Batch Start From 1 JAN 2024

weekend special classes for professionals

Monday To Friday

Running Batch: 2:00 PM – To 4:00 PM

Running Batch: 09:00 PM 11.00 PM

2000 INR Ragistration Fee

2000 INR Monthly Fee FOR JOB HOLDERS

1000 INR Monthly Fee FOR STUDENTS

50 USD Registration Fee For NRI/non-Indians

50 USD Monthly Fee For NRI/non-Indians

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