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Deoband Poly Clinic An Introduction

According to the census 2011, the population of Deoband, the Islamic knowledge capital of India was 1 lac 81 thousand approximately. There were 56% male, 44% female, 65% Muslim, and 35% non-Muslim.

More than 20000 students of madrasa and hundreds of families of Ulema are living here in this city but these students and families don’t even have access to first aid in this city.

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The presence of government health facilities is negligible in here. Because of this financial exploitation of patients by private health practitioners is very common.

This year as well during Eid-ul-Zuha diseases like Dengue, Malaria and

Typhoid were rampant in Deoband because of it a madrasa student

Mohammed Farhan died.

After this office bearer of *Tanzeem Abna-e-Madaris Welfare Educational Trust* visited different hospitals in the city and prepared a list of patients suffering from fever. Then, a fruit and essential item kits distribution drive was organized for the patients. The organization also paid the medical bills of about 50 students during this drive.

During this drive, it was observed that most of the students were not capable of paying heavy medical bills and

*Tanzeem Abna-e-Madaris Welfare Educational Trust* was helping the needy patients in its full

capacity but it wasn’t enough to take care of all. Then, in a meeting of trustees, it was decided that the trust will organize a free medical camps for students. Doctors had said that it will require a huge amount of money. Though sufficient resources were not available with the trust but trustees announced a five-day-long free medical camp with the name of Almighty Allah.

In this camp on doctors examined 140 students on the first day, 270 students on the second day, and 520 students on the third day. In this camp blood test of 280 students was done of which result of 52 students was found positive for Dengu.184 students were also admitted for treatment in this camp and the duration of this camp was increased for two more days. More than 600 students benefitted from this camp which was organized from 27th September 2018 to 2 October 2018 and still students were coming for treatment but Trust couldn’t continue the camp due to the lack of financial resources. Later in a meeting, it was decided that this camp should be transformed into a clinic where patients are charged only 50% of the actual treatment cost and the rest 50% will be taken care of by the trust.

 Abna-e-Madaris Welfare Educational Trust inaugurated the ‘Deoband Poly Clinic’ in India Islamic Academy Deoband .* Hundreds of students have benefitted from this clinic by paying just Rs. 20 per day. In the last 3 Years Around 5 Thousand students were Diagnosed in the Deoband Polly Clinic, Treatment of these students is going on in the clinic.

At present, there are two experienced BUMS and BAMS, MD qualified doctors along with lab technicians are providing their services 24X7. The clinic doesn’t charge any fee from the students who are coming from very low-income families. There is a need of furniture, medicine and many basic but essential equipments in the clinic for which an amount of approximately 35 lakh rupees is required. We appeal to our well-wishers to contribute generously for Deoband Poly Clinic so that we can continue to provide our services to the needy.

Mehdi Hasan Aini Qasmi

Chairman, Abna-e-Madaris Welfare Educational Trust

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