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IIAD is Deoband Based Pan India Islamic Research institute Established In Jan 2017, a continuation of the chain of sacred madrassas that have transferred the legacy of knowledge from one generation to another. This institute was founded to preserve and deliver knowledge to men and women of all ages from all over the world.

Our Aim

India Islamic Academy Deoband

IIAD aims to enable seekers of knowledge from across the world to establish faith (Iman), practice (Islam), and excellence (Ihsan) in their own lives and to transfer the legacy of Islamic scholasticism to the Muslim Ummah, thereby protecting it from all types of deviation.

Comparative Religion Courses

Comparative Religion Certificate Course (6 Months)

Certificate Course In Western Ideologies (6 Months)

Certificate Course In Hindutwa Studies

Other Crush Courses

Islamic Banking And Finance

Diploma In Islamic Finance (6 Months)

Certificate In Islamic Banking (3 Months)

Tajweed Ul Quran

Certificate Course In Tajweed E Quran (6 Months)

Diploma In Tajweed w Qirat Course (1 Year)

More About India Islamic Academy Deoband-IIAD

Goals & Objectives – 

Light of sacred knowledge

To produce a generation who both understand and apply the call of the Qur’an and Sunnah, as demonstrated by the first three generations after Islam’s advent.

To enhance students with traditional Islamic sciences.

To produce scholars who serve Islam, convey the divine message to all mankind, represent true Islam and lead Muslim Ummah; To motivate an Islamic revival by enabling a generation that responds to the various ideological issues of their time with excellence and mastery of theology.

To put forth a positive effort to reform ailing contemporary Muslim mentality in light of sacred knowledge; To develop an environment which instills commitment to life-long learning and a deep sense of social responsibility.


India Islamic Academy Deoband -IIAD

A group of designated Islamic scholars has designed the curriculum to suit the schedules of even the busiest students. Imagine studying Alim course the traditional way right from your home under highly educated and designated scholars of Islam. Imagine joining them through live video conferencing and being among those who followed the command of the Prophet (PBUH): one who is present must convey (the knowledge) to one who is absent.

Using an Urdu,Hindi then Arabic medium, our 2-6 year Islamic studies course is designed and developed to cater specifically to Urdu,Hindi,English -speaking students.

Its target audience men and women who intended to study the Islamic sciences, but were prevented by their jobs or family responsibilities. This course is also beneficial for students in universities and colleges who desire to serve Islam, but whose ongoing education does not allow then to enroll in a full-time Islamic institute.

It also targets those who cannot afford to travel abroad to study. Here is a chance for all of you to study Islam the traditional way-and later serve your community as an alim-right from home using the tools of modernity.

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