IIAD – Founder & Director

Mehdi Hasan Aini Qasmi

Founder & Director

Meet Mehdi Hasan Aini Qasmi, a distinguished Islamic Scholar,Activist,Author and Motivational Speaker,serving as the Founder & Director of various impactful initiatives.With roots in Nasirabad, Raebareli UP, Mehdi Hasan has devoted his life to scholarly pursuits and community leadership.

Academic Journey:

Aalim & Faazil from Darul Uloom Deoband.

Post Graduate in Islamic Science from Darul Uloom Deoband 

Academic&Leadership Roles

  • President,Deoband Alumni Federation: Leading the alumni body of Deobandi Madarsas, fostering unity and collaboration among graduates.
  • President,Tanzeem Abna E Madaris: Steering a national forum for alumni of Deeni Madarsas, contributing to the development of Islamic education.
  • Chairman,Abna-e Madaris Welfare Educational Trust Deoband: Guiding a Deoband-based social, educational, and welfare NGO, dedicated to community well-being.
  • Founder&Director India Islamic Academy Deoband (IIAD): Overseeing a Pan-India Islamic Research Center,promoting scholarly research and education.
  • Cheef Editor&Founder,Deoband Dastak Media House: Pioneering a media platform committed to disseminating knowledge and fostering dialogue.
  • Organizer Social Reform Committee UP, All India Muslim Personal Law Board: Playing a key role in social reform initiatives and contributing to legal matters for the Muslim community.
  • Multilingual Translator,Serving as a multilingual translator at a professional Islamic translation club in Deoband.
  • Mehdi Hasan’s journey exemplifies a commitment to education, community development, and social reform. His work extends beyond borders, reflecting a global perspective on Islamic scholarship and community service.



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