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Al-Quran academy

A part of IIAD is on Deoband’s land and A.Q.A will open their pro madarsas (Islamic schools & Colleges) soon.

In which A.Q.A provide Hafiz courses for those who are interested in higher education. After higher education A.Q.A will given them an opportunity in Madani I.T.I courses for ulema, Aalimiyat with Intermediate courses will send to the Islamia law college (Deoband) for B.A.L.L.B or L.L.B, B.U.M.S from tibbia college (Deoband) and mass.

Islamic Banking

Islamic Finance

Tajweed Ul Quran

Aalima Course

communication from Jamia Millia Islamia. In this project we want those who want to do their 10th with hafiz-e-Quran course and those who want to do their aalimiyat with 12th or graduations.

But now we want to buy land for this project and in this we want financial help from you.

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